With a dark ambient magical aesthesis, Dark Moon Lylyth sings nightside enchantments that draw from various magical and mythical traditions. She plays dark and luminous textures on acoustic-electric guitars, synths, hammered dulcimer and sometimes other instruments such as oud, yayli tanbur, Persian kamancheh and saz. Lylyth is fond of writing songs about dark goddesses, otherworldly dreamscapes, hedge-witchery, cross’d roads, shape-shifting and spirits of the restless dead, among other themes. An ominous brew for walking betwixt the worlds.

Lylyth has two projects: La Sorcière Noire and Queen of Shadows. LSN has two albums called "Conjuring Spirits" and "Incantations", and QoS has one album soon released in October 2021 called "Hekate and the Otherworld". A few singles will be released in August and September 2021.