With a dark ambient magical aesthesis, Dark Moon Lylyth sings nightside enchantments that draw from various magical and mythical traditions. She plays dark and luminous textures on electric and acoustic guitars, synths, hammered dulcimer and sometimes other instruments such as oud, yayli tanbur, Persian kamancheh and saz. Lylyth is fond of writing songs about dark goddesses, otherworldly dreamscapes, hedge-witchery, cross’d roads, shape-shifting and spirits of the restless dead, among other themes. An ominous brew for walking betwixt the worlds.

Lylyth has two projects: La Sorcière Noire and Queen of Shadows. LSN has two albums called "Conjuring Spirits" and "Incantations", and QoS released an album in October 2021 called "Hekate & the Otherworld".